Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pretty Pictures

Yesterday my friend Peter unintentionally reminded me about the golden rule to blogging: more pictures, fewer words. Like I always do when I've published a blog post, I copied a link of it to my Facebook account. Peter was the first to comment and he said the pictures were beautiful and then asked a question regarding something I'd already written about in the post. I told him as such and his response was, "Obviously my attention span didn't last the entire post, I like pretty pictures!". I realized that in these times of immediate gratification, when anything we want to know is a cell phone's reach away, people can't seem to focus on much for too long without getting distracted. Apparently blog readers want pictures - pretty pictures - so pictures you shall receive. I shall satisfy my desire to put forth words by writing captions for the pictures.

These pictures were taken by my lovely step-cousin-in-law photographer extraordinaire, Simone Allmen, during a party we had to celebrate when Chris passed the California Bar exam - making him an official attorney. I meant to write a post about it sooner but we left for Colombia a week after the party which gave me no time for blogging. As it is, the right time to share that moment has presented itself because it seems pretty pictures are in order.

*A super moist Tres Leches cake we got from Northgate Market in Escondido. A visit there and you'll swear you're in Mexico.

Handsome, intelligent, and athletic - I scored big with this one.

*This is the family with whom we went to Big Bear last weekend. Yes, they are all that good looking in person.

*Are you swooning yet?

*How about now?

*Momma is definitely swooning.

 *Sienna admires my bracelets while I eat tacos. And, for the record, she is drinking a ginger brew, NOT a beer.

*Dave "The Dude" and Uncle Steve "Superman"

*I spy a proud mother.

*And a proud wifey.

*Zeven, always looking for someone who will play with him.


 *A toast for Chris with his Aunt and Mom

*Cheers, mate.

 *The always dapper Mimi and Poppa

*From what I've witnessed, and also according to his parents, this one is always talking. "Actually..."

 *Maybe he gets it from his Uncle Christopher?

*The family that plays together stays together.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures. Thanks again to Simone for providing them! Very soon Chris and I will have our own fancy camera with which to take pretty pictures for future blog posts - it's our valentine's gift to each other. Speaking of...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I still prefer Honduras' nomenclature for the holiday: Dia del Amor y la Amistad, which means Day of Love and Friendship. However you word it or celebrate it, have a great one. 


Kallmen said...

I LOVE all these pictures...even the ones of me aren't horrible! Pictures are the best!

Kallmen said...

Fantastic pictures! All of them...even the ones with me in them weren't horrible. Pictures really send a feeling for the moment don't they.