Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On The Sidelines

I've written about it before: When I accompany Chris on his surf outings I never go in the water. First of all, the Pacific Ocean is cold and my body naturally emits a self defense reaction to the cold - there are the shivers and goosebumps, of course, and then I get increasingly lethargic to the point where I'm yawning so much I can't complete a sentence. This might be because I'm anemic and my thin blood is probably freezing solid inside my veins, forcing my body to go to sleep to conserve it's dying energy. Is that really possible? I don't know, I'm not a biologist - just a girl who hates the cold.

Second of all, I'm just not that into surfing. I've had plenty of opportunity to try it in the warm waters of the Caribbean and Atlantic but my heart isn't in it and I've learned through Chris that's there's no faking the heart in surfing - you either get it or you don't. That's why my elected place is on the sidelines.

I enjoy the peace of the sidelines. Staying away from the action and competition lets me be the observer I love to be and being surrounded by the soft sand, warm sun, and repetitive sound of the waves  gives my mind the perfect environment to be free and let go, inviting distractions.

On the sidelines it's appropriate to let your eyes wander and your mind space out, shedding the societal demands of conversation and eye contact.

On the sidelines you notice and celebrate, and often look forward to, the little things that are obscured by life's main events.

On the sidelines you can lose yourself in thought and discover beauty by accident, in places you've always looked.

On the sidelines you don't miss anything because you see the whole picture, too.

So don't think less of those of us hanging out on the sidelines - we're exactly where we want to be.

*All pictures taken by me (except the first one of me, props to Chris) while experimenting with the new camera.


Aurora Aurelia said...

Beautiful! -Keleigh :)

Ana Maria said...

Thank you, and thanks for reading! :)