Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hikes and Romps

Exciting News: I've started learning about html and css codes to redesign this blog so you'll be seeing new gadgets and styles appearing, magically, like the Instagram slider I added to the sidebar. If the blog at anytime looks funky just be patient while I figure out all this beginner's computer programming stuff. It's like learning a whole new language and you know what they say about adults learning new languages...

In more exciting news: We finally bought a fancy camera!

Our Canon EOS 60D arrives very soon and we can hardly contain our photo-taking excitement! I've even registered for an online photography course so I can learn how to take and edit awesome pictures. This blog is getting a makeover!

The camera would have been perfect last weekend on our hike up the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve but our camera phones had to suffice.

*Chris took this; he is good at capturing sun rays and the natural filters they create.

Not that pictures taken on a phone are bad, especially now with all the photo editing apps that can be downloaded, but there's a limit to how badass they can be. For instance, they don't have decent zoom for closeups of images far away. But you can still get creative - like Chris standing on top of a picnic table - in how to maximize the quality of a picture with what you've got available to you. If you've got to put yourself in an awkward position to get the right shot, then by all means do it. Real photographers are always crouching low, standing on something, or hanging upside down to get the perfect photo.

*Chris takes a photo of the Olivenhaim Dam and Reservoir

If you're still unsatisfied with the outcome of your picture you can always edit it using free apps like PicsArt, Aviary, and Roidizer. Almost all the pictures I post on my Instagram account or on this blog have been edited in this manner. I have yet to master Photoshop but that's next on the list. Some people (probably professional photographers) are against filtered photos but I like adding filters, I think they're fun to play with and I like how they enhance what you've taken and create unique pictures, making it almost impossible to have two of the same one floating around in the digital world. 

Oh yeah, I forgot: fewer words, more pictures.

*Nearing the top of our hike.

*Bear is tired after the four mile hike - the most he's walked in a looooooong time (he is eleven, afterall). On our way back we passed a guy who saw Bear and told his friend, "I used to have an Akita. He was an asshole." Touché, sir, touché.

*Heading down with our chariots

*An unfiltered photo that Chris took of a tree we saw on our walk down that had tiny white flowers all over it and from afar looked like cotton balls.

The dogs had an active weekend. The day after the hike we took them to visit the family in Valley Center. Kristi and Dave have an empty five acre lot next to the ranch house so we let the dogs loose there and they loved it. Well, all the dogs except for Bear. He had to stay inside the house while the rest of us ran around outside because he doesn't always play nice - he's what Chris calls the "Fun Police".

*Zeven and Scotty - unabashedly energetic all the time.

*Merrick and Mizzen - best friends and gentle giants.

*Kaya, galloping. She's the fastest of the group but has little stamina - a natural sprinter.

It was a warm, sunny afternoon and when we weren't playing we did a lot of lounging on the soft, cool grass.

I love having our own place now, but on days like this I really do miss living in Valley Center. It's so gorgeous and peaceful...and wide open.

Happy Wednesday - Hooray for short work weeks!

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what do they say about adults learning new languages?? that theyre badass? poco a poco i know html will come to you and i cant wait to see its effects on the blog.