Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving With My Family

Every year Thanksgiving seems to get more commercialized. Advertisements for Black Friday sales start months in advance and people line up at Walmart at midnight to get the "best" deals. Honestly, I hate it. I don't participate in Black Friday sales and prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving in a traditional way: sharing a big meal with family and spending the day in various positions of relaxation, all the while recognizing and contemplating on those things for which I'm grateful.

I'm thankful for my husband, whose love and patience contributes to great days and gets us through hard ones; who was kind enough to agree to drive to Texas with me for Thanksgiving, instead of fly, so we could pick up Bear and drive him back to California in comfort. I'm lucky he knows how important Bear is to me and for how easily he was convinced to go on the long drive, even reminding me to suck it up when I'd start bemoaning the miles left to drive. I'm grateful for a man who works well under pressure and can change a flat tire in the middle of nowhere while eighteen wheelers are racing by, who doesn't complain when we have to drive 45 mph for three hours on a donut tire, and then wait for two hours to get a new tire. Who is still smiling when we finally make it to my parent's house well past midnight, five hours later than planned, even though he's so tired he doesn't realize he's holding his congratulatory card upside down.

I'm so grateful for the persistence and hard work that helped Chris pass the California Bar exam and thrilled for what the future holds for us two young professionals.

I'm grateful for my family, both immediate and extended; for being able to travel to a single house and have my husband, parents, aunt, and grandmother all happily together, eating Colombian food and drinking home brewed beer.

I'm thankful for my pets, all three of them, from oldest to youngest: Lita, Bear, and Kaya. Their loyalty, adoration, and furriness have made me smile and helped me get through tough times throughout the years. I know my life will never be complete without an animal companion to share it.

I'm thankful for the joy and excitement that new pets add to the family, especially when it's one that was added by my parent's own accord and not another animal "that Nana brought home".  Especially when the new pet is a fluffy female puppy rescued from the animal shelter.

I'm grateful for household chickens and fruit trees and the fruit that they give us. I'm grateful for having a family that appreciates that magic of local, seasonal produce and relishes in it's gifts.

I'm thankful for fun reading material and a comfortable place to enjoy them.

I'm thankful for mothers-in-law who lend your their car which is equipped with satellite radio, making it possible to listen and sing-along to the 90s on 9 channel.

And I'm thankful for being this guy's copilot. May we always cruise through life in a silly reverie.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, regardless of how you celebrate and what you're grateful for. 


Chris said...

I'm thankful my wifey writes a blog that documents our life through her eyes. I'm thankful that she is also very smart and organized enough to convince the CA State Board of Education to grant her a discretionary teaching license without having to take any tests. Two important professional licenses granted in one week! Much thanks.

I'm also thankful that Bear has been so flexible in roaming from pack to pack. I'm thankful that similarly, his mother has been equally flexible living with another pack, her in-laws, while we set some roots in her new state. Slowly but surely the future looks bright. I'm thankful the newest little pup has had my wife to fret over the potential of parvo even if the pup ended up not having it -- puppies are delicate and one must act swiftly in dealing with puppy health matters.

I'm thankful for having married into a family of Colombians that allow me to retain some semblance of being a Spanish speaker. With that, I'm thankful that this Christmas and New Years will be celebrated with members of my new family in what will be new and exciting to me, la Gran Colombia. I'm also very thankful that my wife and family have been so supportive of me in the past several years especially when I took a (ok, several) leave of absence when preparing for the bigger tests. Hopefully, no more tests for some time.

Thank you for reminding me to always count my blessings and of course to be thankful on this day for all of family and friends who have helped us get to where we are today.

Happy Thanksgiving!


simone said...

I am thankful for the two of you and the light and the utter enjoyment of life you bring where ever you go....