Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

I'm lucky, I admit it. While people are working hard on Fridays, I go to the beach. Chris doesn't work on Fridays (and we've already established that I'm unemployed) so Thursday nights our weekends officially begin and Fridays we're awake early so Chris can take advantage of a less crowded surf atmosphere than usual. Which is why last week we spent Freedom Fridays at a secret spot in La Jolla.

As usual, Chris surfed and I wandered...but this time with a purpose. I was adamant to take pictures using a real camera instead of the camera on my smart phone. And even though the camera isn't fancy and doesn't include extra zoom appendages, it's purpose is to take pictures and not to send text messages so it's a start in the right direction. Eventually I plan to invest in a professional camera (and if you have any suggestions on one please let me know in the comments) but until then I'll practice my skills with my little Nikon Coolpix.

I also wanted to see if I could take decent pictures on a dreary, gray day since it's not too hard to take good pictures on a gorgeous day. Plus, I don't want everyone to think that San Diego is all sun and clear skies because often, when the ocean water is warmer than the air (or vice versa), a thick and dark marine layer envelops coastal California like a hug from a grizzly bear.

But dense clouds can't keep surfers away.

The only natural phenomena that can keep surfers at bay are the dark - I've never heard of anyone surfing at night because you need to be able to see the set waves coming in - and sharks. Fortunately there were no shark sightings on this day and the only animal company the surfers had were a small pod of dolphin, a lone sea lion, and many seagulls.

As Chris and his friend, Rex, surfed I shuffled up and down the shoreline barefoot in my bright red, billowy dress taking pictures of objects that peaked my interest. Like this chipmunk (squirrel?) that emerged from a boulder to munch on something amidst a handful of lost sunglasses.

Or this lonely house, teetering on the edge of collapse, wedged in an impossible location on the cliff.

I also found the stripes and patterns of weathering and erosion quite intriguing and beautiful - nature's art.

As I made my way back towards our spot on the beach I saw a hang glider (which, until this moment, I always thought was called a hand glider) deftly emerge from the top of the cliff.

As I pondered how that would feel - to float as high as the birds - more hang gliders came into view and I cursed myself for not having a better camera but snapped pictures anyway.

I was envious of their sense of adventure but content with watching in awe.

And then a flock of seagulls (no pun intended) flew by, as if to show those hang gliders how it's really done.

By the time Chris and Rex were finished surfing I was happy with my pictures and hungry for Indian food. We gathered our belongings, payed homage to the Tiki God of Lost Sunglasses (had I seen him earlier I would have offered him the ones I saw by the chipmunk), and hiked up to our cars.  It was a Friday afternoon well spent - much better than working. We shall see where we will find ourselves this Friday, which looks as though it will be the stereotypical bright and sunny California one. I can't wait.


mami said...

I want to be unemployed in CA ... sounds like fun and the pictures prove it!

Anonymous said...

Another great blog; let's all live off the land and sea in sunny CA!

Anonymous said...

by Pop

Anonymous said...

love it. and note that people do surf at night when possible i.e. under full moons. ive never heard of sharks eating more surfers at night vs day either glad you.had a good time in the and look forward to showing you other gems around here. also, a nicer camera is definitely in the not so.distant future.

your hubby