Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer Time - Part Two

Summertime fun continued with a wedding in lush Seattle and the added bonus of Chris' company since he had just finished taking the three-day California Bar exam and was now available to enjoy life fully for the first time since law school began, three years ago.

I flew to Washington on my birthday where I joined Chris and our married friends from New York, with whom we hung out pre and post the Seattle wedding - most notably at a fantastic Mexican restaurant blocks from where we were all staying where we consumed breakfast and Bloody Mary's  each morning.

It was a traditional meets modern industrial ceremony and reception, made totally awesome by the artistic couple that were married. See the mug above? It was my wedding favor and it was made by the groom's father, a potter. See the card that says "Handmade"? That (and there were hundreds of them) - along with the save-the-dates and invitations - was designed and made by the bride on her antique letterpress. The bride's ring (not pictured, but trust that it's amazing) was created by her groom, a talented glassmaker, who made us two large, gorgeous glass bowls for our wedding. Every single detail of their wedding day was a unique representation of themselves through their respective art forms and it was impressive, beautiful, and inspiring.

After our too brief stint in Seattle we boarded a red-eye flight to Washington DC, where we carpooled with cousin Jack and Diana to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a week-long Compton/Dickman/Etc family reunion.

We stayed in Cape Hatteras, in a grand, red, three-story beach house, complete with pool, jacuzzi, game room, and mini theatre. Mornings we sipped coffee and ate family-style breakfasts as the sun sauntered it's way high above the beach and evenings we sipped cocktails, ate large communal dinners, and hung out on the back porches as the sun colorfully made its exit along the bay.

In between the sun's dramatic opening and closing acts we spent time cooling off with beers in the game room, reading by the pool, or getting sandy at the beach right across the street from the big, red house.

A few times during the week some of us managed to pull away from the relaxing energy of the beach   house and explore parts of Cape Hatteras that weren't only within an easy walking distance.  Twice we drove to the lighthouse at Buxton national park where Chris surfed and once we went fishing on a head boat. We didn't catch anything except for small sharks (which were immediately released back into the Atlantic) but we did see a pod of spotted dolphins that raced along with us under the bow of the boat and a sea turtle.

One of my fondest memories of that week was the full moon beach party, complete with a bonfire, blankets, drinks, and music. The power of the moon's pull on the tides was an impressive sight to behold and listen to, accompanied by the strumming of a guitar, the sweet voices of the women singing, and extended family surrounding me. My senses were satiated enough that night to create the warm memory I carry within me.

When we left North Carolina to go back to Miami to finish packing for our big move it was with heavy hearts, knowing that family reunions are few and far between. But we vowed to try to get together like that every summer and I hope life doesn't get in the way like it tends to and make us all think we're too busy to take a week off to laugh and relish in each other's company.  Until then, we fill that void with other wonderful family and friends - for we are blessed in our abundance of them - and this summer kept on filling our familial cups. 

Part three of the summertime recap will be posted in the next few days, stay tuned!


Chris said...

splendid ma lady... My heart is heavy still after the overdose of good times with the above mentioned good people and knowing that we'll not see them for some time. Just means we gotta make an effort to do this again soon and make it count.

Anonymous said...

NOT FAIR!! I've always wanted to be that close to a shark. : P
Anywho, on my first readthrough I thought you wrote "California Bear Exam."