Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer Time - Part One

Yes, I know, I haven't written any posts in a while. Since July 17th, to be exact.  But at least I'm still in the same season! (It is still summer, right?)  It's just that I've been very busy attending weddings, family reunions, and that whole moving-cross-country-thing. The good news is we finally made it to San Diego and Chris already has a job. The bad news is that I don't have a job. The good news is that not having a job gives me time to train for a half-marathon and update this blog. The bad news is I still don't have a job.  The good news is we are living with my in-laws so we don't have to pay rent, which saves us fat stacks of cash. The bad news is my lack of employment. And on and on we go...But I've got an idea brewing in my brain that will (hopefully) solve that problem in the future. For fear of the omnipresent jinx I will keep quiet until fruition is likely.

Although being unemployed isn't the ideal situation, it certainly has given me time for a fulfilling and fun summer. Witness:

Chris was really busy studying for the California Bar exam and I didn't want to bother him, having just finished my last week of work, so the evening of our two-year wedding anniversary (on which I found the cheapest flight because it was a Tuesday) I boarded a flight to South Texas to visit my family.  My father's job was being relocated to Manhattan Kansas - the Little Apple - and I wanted to spend time with my parents together before his departure. As you can see from the picture above, not only did I spent quality time with my parents, but I also spent quality time by the pool with cold beer. It's the only way to spend anytime outdoors during a Texas summer.

After celebrating an early Father's day with the family I, freshly bronzed, jumped in the U-Haul bound for Kansas with my parents and had them drop me off in Austin en route, where I would attend the first of several creative summer weddings. 

My dear friend Mercedes rocked the untraditional by serving Texas BBQ and sweet tea, playing beer pong (I won), and having a pool party. A couple of days later I hopped a Greyhound bus and made my way north to Dallas.

In Dallas I stayed with my cousin's family where Chris and I contemplated over a phone call why someone hasn't figured out how to harness the energy of young children. It's natural, environmentally friendly, renewable, and abundant - Dora's two sons could probably power her house on a daily basis. Without such an invention we had to devise our own ways to spend their energy so we went on trips to the grocery store, to eat frozen yogurt, and to the arboretum

The Chihuly glass exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum is an impressive and colorful exhibition, especially striking because of it's juxtaposition to green gardens and cool creeks. We spent a long, hot afternoon strolling through the grounds, snapping pictures of the glass art, picnicking, and rolling down a soft, sloping hill. At the end of the day I read bedtime stories to the boys and we tucked them in. Then I quietly slipped away to spend my last night in Dallas out on the town with some good friends from Peace Corps.

As June came to an end so did my time in Dallas. After an unfortunate flight delay I was back in Miami, temporarily, to pack, mail, gift, and donate everything in our condo. Chris continued to study for the bar and I mentally and physically prepared myself for the next stage of our busy summer, which will be detailed soon in Part Two, so stay tuned!

Random but Necessary Post-Script: I realize today is Tuesday, September 11th. A sad day in not only the United States' history, but in the history of the world; mass violence anywhere is an atrocity to humanity, progress, and peace - worldwide. It is said that you will never forget where you were and what you were doing that infamous Tuesday morning, eleven years ago. I was in the passenger seat of my friend Art's truck, on the 37, heading south, home to McAllen. We were happy and sleepy, having spent a wild Monday night in San Antonio watching Monday Night Raw (wrestling) live and in person. Then my cell phone rang. I think it was my mom that called, telling me something crazy was happening in New York and to listen to the radio. We did immediately and the rest, well, you've heard it a thousand times before. 

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Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your writing and your account of the past few months. The pictures... the little reminders of what for me was a blur (see buried bookhead). I'm happy that the little tour de USA and cross country move part deux has been with you. Keep it coming.