Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photo Journal of Super Exciting Married Life!!!

I meant to write this post yesterday but then Chris downloaded a game for my new iPad called Temple Run and I've been pathetically hooked to it during my free time. I did manage to pry myself away from it for the season two premiere of Game of Thrones, and it was well worth it. I can't wait till those baby dragons get bigger (not a spoiler since I haven't read any of the books, it's just a prediction) and start destroying all the evil Lannisters! (They can spare Tyrion, though, because he's smart, and a smart-ass, a winning combination). Now with all the distractions aside, and a glass of wine at hand, I can focus on this blog post.

Obviously this blog is pretty random: granola recipes one day, song interpretations the next, political rant whenever I feel like it, or a heaping serving of Peace Corps nostalgia. The tie, however loose, that binds all the entries together is my relationship with my husband and how it relates to everything I think about and do. But since he's in his third year of law school and I work full-time with fifth graders we are both busy and/or tired (me) so I can't always come up with exciting newly-wed things to write about - because there simply aren't that many - thus I have to get creative, hence posts such as this gem. Miraculously, the last couple of weeks we have managed to find the time to do fun things in Miami, as a couple, socializing with other people, away from our condo!


My cousin Sally came to visit for Spring Break and we all went to the beach together. Chris surfed while Sally and I walked along the shore looking for shells and curios.

Later that week we went to the fair with friends and another cousin, Jorge. Chris actually couldn't join us because he had class till late, but I did win a prize for him so it's sort of like he went in spirit. 

Incidentally, can you believe this prize? At the youth fair? Don't get me wrong, it's truly awesome - a Rastafarian banana - but it's clearly stoned and this is the county youth fair, after all. I wonder how many of these high bananas are lounging in little children's rooms right now? Wait, is it worse to think: "I wonder how many of these high bananas are lounging on an adult's leather couch in their living room right now"? Oh the irony!

Marijuana-loving bananas aside, the youth fair was fun and I only saw one person vomit and none of the rides we were on fell apart.

Then that Friday night we all went out for sushi together, to a new restaurant. Afterwards Chris took silly pictures of us in the parking garage (he had no choice - we had had cocktails with dinner).

The next morning, after saying farewell to Sally at the airport, we headed way down south to the rural section of South Florida in search of Knaus Berry Farm. Then we patiently waited in line for their famous, warm, sticky-sweet, freshly-baked-that-instant, cinnamon buns. Chris ate two. We also bought colorful produce, jalapeno and guava jam, and a bag of organic espresso. We drove home happy with our edible loot.

The following morning we drove to the Deering Estate to meet my co-workers and their husbands for the annual Seafood Festival. 

We had the kind of wholesome-ish fun I've become more fond of  now that I'm thirty. We drank cold draft beer, we ate Florida seafood, we listened to various bands play covers of Bob Marley, we watched a small, flashy Caribbean parade march by and marveled at the guys dancing on stilts, we drank more cold draft beer, we watched people dance, we went on a guided tour of the estate, we drank more cold draft beer, we watched a live cooking demonstration by Chopped winner Giorgio Rapicavoli (who opened a restaurant in Coral Gables that I really want to go to), we drank free wine, and we strolled around the various vendor tents selling all local goods from cupcakes to jewelry. 

This is the wine cellar Charles Deering, late owner of the Deering Estate, had built in 1922 during Prohibition. The only way to enter it was knowing the combination of a three ton bank-style vault door that was hidden behind wooden shelves in the basement. That man liked his booze. I can empathize with his lavish freak out; it's justifiable. Thank God Prohibition is over because there is no way a poor 99%er like myself would have been able to afford these slick accommodations. Cheers!

This is an antique chandelier in the estate's "Great Room" (my favorite of the tour, other than the liquor cellar),surrounded by images of nature set in medallions embedded in the ceiling. Below is part of an impressive Italian stone fireplace that is purportedly from the 16th century, also found in the "Great Room".

Gorgeous decorations and architecture like these make me want to become filthy rich even if I have to sell my soul to the devil  J.P. Morgan to do it! (Seriously, though, it's a little depressing to learn just how many corporations are financed by one single investor. All big-business is linked; it's an economic orgy and I don't think anyone's using contraception.) Either way, the Deering Estate is impressive. I think Chris' favorite design was the outdoor porch ceiling:

I am a big fan of festivals and the Seafood Festival did not disappoint. The beer continued flowing, the live music kept playing, the festival-goers were friendly and behaved themselves, the entertainment was constant, and the fresh seafood was consistently being served until the end. I purchased an order of stone crabs on our way out and devoured them in the car on the way home, sans mallet (I have the scratches on my hands to prove it).

Is this enough evidence to convince you to find your true love and get together because commitment is so exciting? You get to go to the beach together and go to festivals together! Oh, you also get to go to rooftop happy hours by the pool together and watch spectacular sunsets like this:

Sure, you could do all of those things alone, or even with friends, but try playing doggie-dress up by yourself...it's not as much fun if you don't have a significant other around to help you decide on props and poses, someone with whom you can fully let your guard down and become silly, and then cuddle afterwards.

This long weekend we are going to Marco Island so our Super Exciting Married Life continues!


Kallmen said...

My son is a lucky man! Thanks for letting us all be a part of your life together...I treasure each of your blogs but this has to be one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

This was a very interesting account. Can't wait for the next!