Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinspiration: Butternut Squash Soup with Shrimp

I don't remember how it happened but a couple of months ago I stumbled upon the website Pinterest and have been slightly addicted to it ever since. Basically, it's a site where people from all over the world make digital message boards on to which they can post anything from the web that interests them - from recipes to home decor, apparel to funny quotes. As a Pinterest user you can view anybody's board and repin anything you like onto your own boards. It's the perfect way to waste a lot of time and most "Pinners" never get around to actually recreating any of the images that were pinned.

So I have vowed to (try) not be in the category of Pinners who only pin and never do. I currently have ten boards onto which I have pinned approximately one hundred and forty images of which I have only recreated two. Both are recipes and the first one I had the pleasure to do on Super Bowl Sunday because Chris was sick with a cold.

That Saturday we were with friends on their sailboat Varuna and Chris felt fine.

We drank champagne and beer and finished the day sharing a rack of tender ribs at our favorite local restaurant, Flannigan's. We went to sleep early hoping to make up for the possible lack of sleep on Sunday night after the Super Bowl barbecue we were supposed to attend. Instead, Chris woke up early Sunday morning with a headache, sore throat, and lots of mucus in his sinuses. The barbecue was definitely not going to happen for us anymore. So Chris propped himself in front of his laptop with hot tea and a box of tissue while I looked through my recipe collection on Pinterest (called Belly Happiness) to figure out what kind of soup, by request, to make for dinner. I decided on this soup from the gorgeous food blog Cannelle et Vanille.

After procuring the ingredients I needed from the busy pre-Super Bowl madness at the grocery store, I was ready to begin the long process of making soup. Luckily the recipe I chose to follow was not difficult, just time consuming - butternut squash is an annoyingly difficult vegetable to peel and chop and my freakishly small hands were noticeably sore afterwards.

While the vegetables simmered in chicken stock I pan seared half a pound of shrimp in olive oil. Then I pureed the hot vegetables in the blender, ladled a generous amount of the soup into two bowls, and topped them with the shrimp and a scoop of plain yogurt. All in time for the game.

The soup was really good. We both had seconds. It was better than the game and the commercials (I fell asleep during the last ten minutes of it). I didn't really care who won the game, but Chris did. He didn't want the Giants to win because he doesn't like Eli Manning, since he spurned the San Diego Chargers years ago. Initially I didn't want the Patriots to win because I read that Tom Brady's wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen,   sent an email to friends and family asking them all to pray that Brady's team would be victorious because he wanted to win so badly. Those are the types of prayers I find so ridiculous that I immediately wanted the Patriots to lose. If you're going to claim to be religious and think that praying for something will actually make it come true, why not pray for world peace, an end to hunger, or anything that doesn't make you seem like a narcissistic bitch diva?  In the end, though, I realized I still don't know enough about football to care who won. Like I said, I fell asleep during the last ten minutes of the game. But at least the soup was good!


Anonymous said...

So, who won?

Anonymous said...

I'd say I won as I had the homemade soup to aid me in the recuperation process and I had a good game to watch. I suppose the Giants won but Eli Manning remains a dolt.

Good stuff Nana. I can't wait to get sick again?