Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh Blessed Weekends

I walked downstairs earlier and this is what I saw:
Chris studying...
Bear napping...
and Kaya napping.

It's a typical Sunday at the Hallman-Franich house. Chris and I were going to go Stand Up Paddleboarding today but decided to take the dogs to the dog park instead. The dog park that we usually go to, which is only a block away from our condo, has been under construction for about two months so our dogs don't get out as much as they are used to. We thought it would be nice to drive them to Kennedy Dog Park once a week until our neighborhood park is finished. Paddleboarding will have to wait.

Yesterday I had friends over while Chris played in a soccer game with his league. It's a coed league so Chris asked if I wanted to join the team but I declined, preferring to watch gay reality television, The A List - New York, on, eat cheese, and drink wine. One of my Peace Corps friends, Derek, is in town for a training with US AID, with whom he is employed as a foreign service officer, so it was nice to catch up with him. Derek's Peace Corps experience was similar to many others, including my father's, in that he went off to a foreign land, met a foreign girl, fell in love, got married, and started a family. He now lives in the Dominican Republic with his Honduran wife and their toddler son. In the future his son will brag to his friends about that story, the same way I've always bragged to mine about how my parents met and from where my roots come.

When Chris returned from the game last night (victorious 4 to 1!) our condo was full of "clucking hens" and Derek. In an act of mercy, he stole Derek away to our favorite local dive bar- Barracudas - while the rest of us walked into Coconut Grove for the monthly art Gallery Walk.

On Friday night Chris made his own gallery, too:

Another blessed weekend has come and gone. I hope the good memories will last me till next weekend, where more good memories (and, hopefully, blog posts) will be made. Have a good week, everyone!

*At the behest of a third year law student, er, I mean my husband, I'd like to note that all original expressions displayed above in grainy photos are not mine and are purely being fairly used to depict what is meant by a "Gallery Walk". The images are not meant to violate any underlying copyright. So don't be an asshole and download the picture, print it, and put it on your wall. Besides, the quality of the photographs are very bad so it'll look stupid.


Kallmen said...

Boy do your weekends sound regenerative! I don't know how Bear and Kaya put up with all the stress in their life. I guess the 20 hours of napping helps with that.

Anonymous said...

Great story, Nana! Nice ending touch with the disclaimer!

Sierra said...

fantastic art wall chris! maybe you should come decorate our little cottage :)