Monday, October 31, 2011

Miami Halloween AKA Floodoween

Halloween 2011 in Miami began on Thursday and ends tonight. And so did the rain. But that didn't stop us from celebrating.

Thursday I bought two little pumpkins from our local grocery store and decided to paint them instead of carve. I've never been an artistic person so when choosing the best medium to use I think that painting is easier (and safer!) than carving. Plus, I had left-over paint from making signs for the Occupy Miami protests. Here are the pumpkins in all their hand-painted and camera-enhanced glory:

While taking these pictures I became carried away with my cell phone's camera tricks and snapped a couple of extra photographs that have nothing to do with Halloween.

The Dining Table a.k.a. Chris' Office

Sofa Chair a.k.a Kaya's Second Bed and Chew Toy

Friday was a "Teacher's Workday" which meant I could have a beer with my lunch. That night Chris and I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then went to the movie theater to watch The Rum Diaries and drink wine. I did not enjoy the movie as much as Chris did. I thought it could have been shorter in duration and have had a better cast. Johnny Depp was great in Fear and Loathing but didn't quite capture my attention this time around, and Amber Heard was annoying. But I never read the book so maybe both of their characters were actually on point. Afterwards we ran through the rain to meet our friends at our favorite local dive bar. One Magic Hat later and I called it quits - Friday nights aren't what they used to be.

Saturday night we went to Alicia and Julie's for a Halloween party. As I've mentioned before, they are the Art Deco version of Martha Stewart, so accepting a party invitation from them is always a good idea - even if it's raining so hard your windshield wipers are waving left to right like they're hopped on ecstasy at the club. I dressed as the red Fantana girl ("Don't you want a, want a Fanta?") and Chris dressed like Mayhem from the Allstate Insurance commercials. 

At Alicia and Julie's we snacked on a baked brie pastry, seven layer dip, bacon wrapped figs, grilled cheese sandwiches accompanied with goat cheese tomato soup, and, of course, desserts: marshmallow popcorn balls, brownies, and mini rum cupcakes. Then we washed it down with either vodka, whiskey, wine, or all three. As the designated driver, I stopped myself after two drinks (wish I could say the same about the food) and spent the remainder of the night snapping pictures and chatting with friends.

Vino - Alicia and Julie's OCD dog that they rescued after some dumb ass dumped him in the street last winter. 

Sunday was the annual Mad Hatter's Art Festival, which I attended with some friends while Chris stayed home to study for an upcoming final exam. Luckily the rain from Saturday stopped long enough to spend the afternoon outside because, later on that night, it rained eleven inches in Coconut Grove. I was able to wear my second costume of the week (with rain boots) - a very large and  green Mad Hatter's hat, custom made by Alicia. In fact, all of the hats we wore yesterday were created by her.

The festival was held at the Barnacle Historic State Park. We hung out for a little while: perused the artists' tents; had our pictures taken by many people in awe of our awesome hats; Alicia networked and made key connections; bought jewelry - all before lunch! 

This should be common sense, but, in my experience working with others, it is not.

This child was so excited by our hats that she left her mother behind in order to follow us and occasionally shout "Mom! Hurry up!" Her mom was a slow walker.

I wish I could say the same for has made me cynical. I'd like to change that about me.

I swear that this dog posed for every single camera that took a picture of him.

Dum and Dee - their glass work was our groups favorite display at the festival.

My favorite picture of the day.

The pier at the south end of The Barnacle.

Spending money (on local goods!) made us hungry so we refueled our bodies with Japanese food and refueled our minds with a sparkling Saki so delicious I had to take a picture of it.

Hou Hou Shu fo' sho!

Then we went to the movie theater to watch Puss N' Boots, 3D, which was sillier and better than Rum Diaries...but, then again, I've always been a fan of animation. I refuse to give up cartoons! After the movie we all dispersed to our own homes and I spent the evening making marshmallow cereal treats with candy corn for all 62 of my students. It took a couple of hours. Then the rain began and I slept terribly; worrying about water leaking into the car or into my classroom (which happened to both); worrying about Kaya who I knew was worrying about the thunder; worrying about floods and tornadoes. Luckily, the worst that happened was that I lost sleep. 

Today I donned my third Halloween outfit and went to work. Two of the other fifth grade teachers and myself were masquerade girls. Here's a (bad and totally unflattering) picture of me to prove it:


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That was all kind of crazy! Like Halloween. Here we did nothing to celebrate; no fun without kids.