Sunday, September 18, 2011


Our good friends/neighbors/dog-sitters/drinking-buddies, Adam and Angie, bought a small sail boat earlier this year. They named it  Varuna.
*Adam, Angie, and Varuna

I was there when they bought the boat and have been privileged to go sailing with them on days when the weather is just right - a day like yesterday.

We packed the sailing essentials: beer, water, beer, sun screen, beer, life vests, and beer.

We cruised the Atlantic for several hours. We drank ice cold beer. We laughed. We jumped into the ocean to cool off. We saw jellyfish, many jellyfish. We tanned. We relaxed.

 We deserved it.

Tomorrow I go back to this:

Forty fifth graders in one classroom. I'm going to need a sailing trip a week to get through this year.


Anonymous said...

Insane classroom set-up. Don't know how you do it. Meanwhile some billionaire has saved enough money in the past week by not being taxed enough to properly staff schools to buy another 100 foot yacht.

Anonymous said...