Saturday, September 24, 2011

Date Night

Between the ages of fourteen and twenty-nine I could not fathom spending a Friday night at home. After working so hard all week long I just had to take advantage of the weekend - both Friday and Saturday. I would go to house parties, bars, clubs, shows, etc. Now that I'm thirty, one of three things has happened to me because I only want to go out once during the weekend, and never on a Friday:

A) I'm getting old
B) I have no friends
C) For the first time in my life I actually understand what it really means to work hard, which disables me from doing anything on a Friday night that doesn't involve wearing my comfy pants, eating and drinking in front of the television, and passing out on the couch at 10 p.m.

Let's see; my fifth graders think that I look like an eighteen year old on some Nickelodeon show, so it can't be option A. I am pretty awesome so it can't be option B. Therefore, I'm going with "C".

Yesterday I was presented with a choice for some weekend fun: go to the Coconut Grove comedy club to watch Charlie Murphy on Friday or Saturday night. I didn't have to think about it twice, I chose Saturday night.   When Chris arrived from the university we went to Fresh Market and bought a large sirloin steak, mozzarella and fresh vine tomatoes for a caprese salad, and an Argentinian Cabernet (which was fine but not special enough for it's own post). Back at home we prepared dinner 

and then sat on the couch in front of the big screen and watched Internet television for hours: the most recent episode of The Office (which we still like even though Steve Carrel is no longer on it, I mean, come on, the intro scene was about planking),
 two episodes of Modern Family (Chris thinks Bear is the Cam of dogs), and then a movie called The Hammer. I fell asleep during the middle of the movie but was able to wake up the catch the last ten minutes of it. Chris really enjoyed it and I liked what I saw, but I don't think Kaya did.
The best part about staying at home on a Friday night? Not waking up hungover on Saturday morning, having the energy to go shopping, and buying these:
Tonight, though, is Charlie Murphy comedy night and there is a two-drink minimum. Let's see how we feel tomorrow morning...


Anonymous said...

Wait until you have kids!

Kallmen said...
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Kallmen said...

Ditto anonymous...just wait! On another note those key thingys are adorable and I want to know where you got them!

James Hallman said...

I must know where I can get one of those duck/key would look great with my bike. :)