Saturday, September 10, 2011

Badass Photography With A Simple Camera

*If you are here for the Badass Photography, then please scroll down. All the way down. Yes, pass all of those pictures till you think you're almost at the end and then stop.

All week I've been struggling with the desire to use this blog as a means for venting about how frustrated I've been at work.  About how the administration at my school makes changes in class sizes and teachers without telling anyone. About how I'm thinking of changing careers and have started researching on becoming a Spanish language court interpreter. About how I went to sleep last night feeling like a depressed, exhausted lump. And the time for that venting may come, but when I woke up today the damn sun was shining, the stupid sky was cloudless and bright blue, and everything just looked so annoyingly pretty that I stopped feeling sorry for myself, no matter how hard I tried.

So, instead, I've decided to write about a hobby that Chris has picked up during his very sparse spare time - photography! I don't mean to imply that he always has a camera with him whenever we go out, or that he uses high-tech equipment. I honestly don't think he even realizes he has a photography hobby unless he happens to have the camera with him (which he is much better at remembering to bring along than I am; my photography hobby equals zero. Unless the camera is attached to my phone I won't remember to take it anywhere). But when he does have the camera with him he is a changed man.

Will he take pictures of the people he is with? Yes, but it is not his forte, unless they happen to be bad pictures he can use with which to make fun of you later:

Me: Are you taking the picture yet?

Chris: Not yet.

Will he take pictures of himself? Gladly.


*Badass Photography starts here

Will he take a moment from the silly uses of photography to focus on some gems? Yes, and he does it quite well, with a simple Nikon Coolpix digital camera. He takes pictures of things that I would never consider, either because they are what I would perceive as being cliche or because I simply don't notice the details that he does.  He takes many pictures of the same object, comes home and uploads them all to his computer, studies each one, manipulates them with some computer program, picks his favorites, prints them out, puts them in frames, and hangs them on our walls. It's his art form, it's what we use as decoration, and it's beautiful.  Enjoy!



Chris said...

Loser balls shot is classic. Looking at these shots, it reminds me I need to start capturing ye ole surfing essence.

Good entry... Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

Good pix! But I have no idea what Chris is talking about in the above comment.

Anonymous said...

From these pix it seems that all you do is sleep, Nana.

Ana Maria said...

I put those pictures of me sleeping to support my claim that Chris likes to take bad pictures of people, especially when most vulnerable, i.e, asleep. I assure you that I'm awake much more often than asleep, even on Sundays.

Chris said...

Guy -- i was referring to the shot of peter asleep w/loser balls written on his arm with a piece of toast accompanying him.

I was also reminded that it appears I take more pictures of flowers than I do waves which gets me thinking...

SDickman said...

chris, it seems you and i both have a knack for random photography :) this post makes me want to start a site for all of my stuff. what programs do you use for editing?

Kallmen said...

I just read this..somehow I missed this edition. Wow you are both so good at your art forms...yours writing and his picture taking! I love, love, love, Christopher's pictures of people and things at strange moments.
Great post!