Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Year in Pictures

It has been almost a year since I have written anything in this blog.  Last September I was hired as a first grade teacher. Teaching in Miami has been much more challenging than my first year as a teacher, in Austin, was.  Therefore, all my free time was spent relaxing at home with a book, watching our favorite television shows on Hulu and Netflix, going out with friends, and doing all the usual things like cooking, cleaning, and taking the dogs to the park.  I hope that this school year will be easier, leaving me more time to update this blog.

So, in order to wrap up the past ten months in a concise and clear manner, I have put together a synopsis of it with pictures. Enjoy!

Education and Work:
Chris' study space at the University of Miami.
Michelle Obama visits the school where I teach, Riverside Community Elementary, to promote healthy lunches in the public schools.

 First grade journal entry.

 Chris' office at his summer internship at an intellectual properties law firm in Carlsbad, California.

 My students watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon.

All the gifts I received from my students on Valentine's Day. Also known as, The Day I Finally Began to Appreciate My Job.

Furry Children:
Bear making himself more comfortable than is necessary in a freshly raked pile of leaves on our patio.

Kaya with the Kermit doll that Grammy Kristi gave her. 

 Kaya snuggling with us on our bed, before we decided to confine her to a life downstairs.

 My furry kids and I posing on Easter morning.

 Bear, being spoiled at Grammy Kristi's house on Chris' bed, wishing he was younger and lighter so he could climb up on beds by himself.

 Kaya giving Uncle Doug her full attention.

 Bear and Kaya, ready for the long summer drive from Miami to San Diego.

Bear and Kaya with Tia Carol and Tio Drew at a dog park in Austin.

 Kaya snuggling with her grandfather Dave.

 Kaya and Bear, with cousin Scotty, waiting for treats.

 Kaya all dressed up for the cool Valley Center mornings.

 Grammy Kristi and Kaya checking out the neighbors emu.

 Kaya giving Mimi lots of love.

Miami Fun:
Chris and I sailing around Coconut Grove on Adam's boat.

 Marcel, Rachel, and I showing our support for equality at Miami's Gay Pride Parade.

 Watching Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" at a local lumber yard.

 And drinking wine whilst watching.

 Marcel and I at our favorite local dive bar, Barracuda's, on St. Patrick's Day.

Grant, Marcel, Rachel and her two sisters having a fancy lunch after laying out on South Beach at Grant's place. 

 Visiting the Miami Zoo.

 At our neighborhood park with my cousins Samuel and Andrew.

Going to the University of Miami Law's Barrister's Ball.

Summer Fun:
Drew, Caroline, Anita and I at the Austin Alamo Drafthouse's "Ultimate Rock" sing-a-long.

 Sarah, Anita, and I reunited at Barton Springs in Austin.

 Chris, Pop, and I bottling the latest Bear Beer.

 Proudly celebrating my 30th birthday.

 Chris and Merrick relaxing in the jacuzzi in Valley Center.

 Chris and goddaughter Sienna checking out the early morning waves.

 Chris and Sienna looking awesome at Legoland.

 James sipping some wine and eating pizza at the Cordiano Winery in Escondido, California.

 James at the San Marcos fair in California.

 Running with Kaya at the San Marcos dog beach.

 Watching Chris surf in Leucadia.

 Lita in my old bedroom at my parents house in McAllen.

 Caroline's dog, Macy, finally warming up to her Tia.

 Me and Mami at a ranch in The Valley.

 Celebrating Anita and my 30th birthday in Austin.

 Bear Beer's newest flavor: Southern Brown Ale "Because Brown in Beautiful".

 Chris and David showing me how to eat when at Camp Larson.

 Chris in a wet suit, about to do what he loves most.

 Celebrating Grandma's 87th birthday at Patsy's Cowgirl Cafe in Austin.

 Our home for the summer: Valley Center, California.

 Freshly baked scones using local and seasonal California fruit.

 Macy and her Tia Nana snuggling together at Caroline's place in Austin.

 Kristi and Dave's paradise, which they graciously shared with us all summer.

That's it for now, folks! Here's to hoping that I'll be writing more real soon.  We are going to a wedding in Virginia this weekend so I should have more material when we come back.


Chris said...

That's the Del Mar fair and dog beach in Del Mar. Otherwise, stupendous and much awaited entry. Bien hecho!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a year!