Friday, September 17, 2010


Chris and I...we're not ready for children yet.  I like to pretend that I'm ready by thinking of only the cute aspects of pregnancy and children but eventually the less-than-pleasant scenarios enter my head and then I'm thankful to still be without child.  Part of my semi-desire to get pregnant is the fact that I currently don't have much going on in my life (other than being a newly wed!) so having a baby right now seems feasible, time-wise.  But babies are expensive and neither Chris or I are working full-time.  Plus, Chris is adamant about waiting until he's finished with law school and secured a job.  And who knows, by that time I may still only be working part-time (which, I've got to be honest, I enjoy more and more each week) which will make going through pregnancy and raising a child much easier than if I were working full-time.  Lawyers make decent money, right?  Enough to support a family of three or four?

So in lieu of a child we have added another animal to our family.  Meet Kaya, pictured here with her big brother, Bear:

We adopted Kaya from a local animal rescue Paws 4 You . Originally she was called Kayla but Chris renamed her Kaya after a Facebook suggestion from his cousin, Jack.  The name Kaya has many international meanings but my favorites are "rock" from Turkey, "yew tree" also known as a "Buddhist Pine tree" from Japan, and "enlightenment" in the Rastafarian dialect.  Bob Marley wrote a song called "Kaya" and Chris loves Bob Marley so the name was a winner.  This morning Chris put the song on for our Kaya before he left for school: "Got to have Kaya now....Got to have Kaya now....Got to have Kaya now...For the rain is falling".Bob Marley and The Wailers - Kaya

The people at Paws 4 You think that Kaya is an Airedale Terrier Mix:
She certainly has the long, straight legs, wiry coat, and colors of the Airedale, along with the very sweet yet slightly disobedient-when-she's-bored nature of the breed. She is not as hairy as an Airedale and she has a very long tail that is not typical of that breed, too, which caused a man at the dog park to remark "Wow, that's the longest tail I've ever seen!". A friend of ours calls her "Bearded Lady" because she has tufts of long hair growing from both sides of her mouth.  A few days ago Chris grabbed some scissors and tried to trim her her beard so that it would be even with the rest of her facial hair, but I did not allow this.  Her beard is one of her unique traits and it matches her silly personality perfectly. She is smart, active, and loves to give hugs.  She likes to chew on things so we have to have toys for her because if not she'll opt for chewing on the old blue couch, or the coasters, or the Netflix envelope we had lying around.

Bear and her get along fine.  Sometimes they have real loving moments where they share Bear's bed, as seen in the first picture, but most of the time there's a passive-aggressive competition for our attention.  Kaya is more inclined for that behavior than Bear. If either one of us is giving Bear any kind of attention she immediately drops whatever she's doing to shove her body in between us. Bear does this, too, but not nearly as much.  As usual, he's content with being immobile and comfortable.  But I know that Kaya loves her big brother because of an incident that happened earlier this week:

On Monday we were having problems with our air conditioning so we had to have the maintenance man, Steve, over.  Chris had to go to school so I was left with the responsibility of attending Steve.  Since we no longer have an area where we can confine Bear whenever technicians and delivery people come over I had to take him to Angie and Adam's house, a block away.  When I left with Bear on his leash Kaya began to bark and pace. I could hear her from the parking lot.  When I returned, ten minutes later, without Bear she was visibly disturbed.  She paced around the condo and emitted a few pathetic whimpers and then curled herself up in a tight ball and waited.  When the maintenance man arrived she seemed to have forgotten about her worries but the second I turned my head she bolted out of the front door and gate, which Steve had left open because he was using the hose.  She ran to the parking lot and, thankfully, the gate was closed so she had nowhere else to go.  I dragged her back to our place and reprimanded her.  I'm not sure if she fled because she wanted to find Bear or simply because the door was wide open and she was curious about the "what if...".  When Bear was finally brought home she was ecstatic, jumping around him and playfully trying to bite his face. Bear, never enthusiastic about much except walks and car rides, disregarded his little sister and plopped himself on his bed. So, regardless of how jealous she is of him, she truly loves him.  Dogs really are quite like people, aren't they?

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