Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mexico - Final Chapter

Saturday Chris began to regain his strength.  He even felt well enough to eat a solid breakfast - something with eggs, I think - but after puking that up he realized he needed to stick to his bland vegetable soup diet.  He did manage to pull off an early afternoon surf and we even went out for happy hour with a fun duo we had met earlier that week during Tequila Tuesday from  Santa Barbara, California. Sam and Kelly, who were also celebrating their honeymoon, came to the Inn to hear Michelle and Pedro LaValle sing.  After an hour or so of her show, Michelle asked the small, slightly inebriated audience if anyone was a musician who might like to play a song on her guitar.  Kelly, being a good wife, immediately volunteered her husband, Sam, who begrudingly accepted our tequila infused whistles of approval.  He took the guitar Michelle handed him, thought for five seconds about which song to play, and then decided on "Bar and the Beer" by The White Buffalo:

I had never heard of this singer before but Chris obviously had because as soon as Sam started covering the song Chris' spirits lit up.  He sang along under his breath and his feet moved to the rythm of the guitar strings.  He recorded the performance on our camera (we still had it then) and told Sam and Kelly we would email it to them. They were staying at a different establishement down the road and said they would be back at Manzanillo Inn on Saturday and we could get together then. So we did, for happy hour, at a place called Present Moment, which looked more like a hippie commune than a trusted hotel, but we were willing to risk being coerced into naked meditation sessions for their good happy hour deals.
As it turns out, we had a pleasant time at Present Moment and I admit to wishing we had stayed there instead of at Manzanillo Bay Inn.  As we entered I saw a large, open cabana with white curtains swaying in the wind and inside people were doing yoga. And they did offer meditation sessions, although not in the nude, along with drum and dance classes.  The place had a spiritual and positive vibe to it and I wouldn't be surprised if the layout of the property was Feng Shui. Plus the menu was amazing! They offered an array of colorful vegetarian and organic dishes - much more than I can say about the menu at Manzanillo Inn. Chris was even able to hold down a spring roll! And as far as happy hour: two for one of any kind of margarita is never a bad deal.  I had two strawberry ones and enjoyed them immensely while we chatted with Sam and Kelly about life.  That evening after dinner we played scrabble with Sam and Kelly who claim they always travel with the board game.  Needless to say about a couple who each pack only a small backpack for a month-long vacation but make room for Scrabble, we lost by an embarrassing amount. That night we drifted to sleep in our cozy bungalow in the midst of a downpour, thinking of how we would spend our final full day in Mexico.

Sunday we rose with the sun and were soon back to our normal vacation schedule of surfing, swimming, and lounging. 

Chris' stomach issues were mending and he was able to eat a real breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We could finally share the delicious gaucamole again. By "share" I mean that Chris ate three chips dipped in the guacamole and I ate the rest.

 We took a walk along the north end of the beach and did more exploring.  We encountered a friendly black dog that followed us for awhile.  I'm not sure if the dog was a stray because I had seen him frolicking on the beach often alone but a few times with three little boys who seemed to know him well. Regardless if he was a stray he was certainly well fed and seemed obviously happy with his freedom to roam.

On our exploration of the beach we collected many delightful looking dead sea urchins and built a tower out of them:

We also found many lobster carcasses with the meat already gone from the tails.  Maybe that's how the black stray keeps himself so healthy...

The rest of Sunday proved to be splendidly uneventful.  After dinner we hung out with Sam and Kelly for an hour and toasted the end of our Mexican honeymoons with our last margaritas.  They were going to continue south to Costa Rica for two more weeks and we were headed back north to Texas to visit the Hallman clan. 

On Monday morning - after a horrible night of sleep due to some unknown animal that kept me awake because of the strange and loud sound it was emitting (at one point I even got out of the bed to walk over to the window to yell "SHUT UP!" at the animal) - we paid our lengthy tab and packed up our belongings.  As I lowered the top lid of my luggage to zip it shut I saw our camera behind it. Apparently when we stumbled into our bungalow after the Tequila Tuesday festivities I decided that the camera would be safest hidden behind my luggage.  My genius plan worked because it stayed out of harm's way for five entire days.  I showed Chris the camera and he just smiled and said , "See, I knew it would show up".  And then we went outside and took a bunch of pictures.


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