Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to European Living

Yesterday I picked up the keys to our new place so it's now officially moving time. After the property manager handed them to me she asked, in her thick French accent, how I felt to be moving. I told her that I was excited about it because living in The Grove means to be within walking/bicycling distance of everything we need.  To which she answered, with a smirk, "Welcome to European living!".  That little phrase really made my day.  I've often envied Europeans for their convenient living arrangements and have dreamed about living there.  Now we have the best of both worlds: a pedestrian friendly area with the sun, warmth, and colorful Latinos that we love.


Chris said...

"Pleased to make your acquaintance Europe, I am from Latin America but I am studying abroad in the States right now," said Miami in a loud voice even though they were indoors.

Chris said...

Also, what's this nonsense about "sites we visit"? DListed??? Hmpph!