Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week One

We have spent about a week at our new home in Coconut Grove and it has been a busy and exhausting one. After packing, loading, unloading (and by unloading we mean getting huge pieces of furniture over the second floor balcony because they wouldn't fit through the spiral staircase.  If you're really interested to know how Chris managed this particular task, let us know!) and unpacking we are looking forward to the day when we own a home and stay in it permanently for many years. There were several nights this past week that Chris and I have collapsed into bed without a shower because, frankly, when you're going to get sweaty and gross the following morning what's the point?  

After the transfer of all our stuff from our old place to our new then began the work of making it look the way we want, with a hint of Feng Shui style.  That meant trips to Ikea, Home Depot, Costco, and Dadeland mall. We  didn't want to have to get all new things in order to make our place perfectly Feng Shui since we don't see the point of spending money on decorating a place that we're renting.  Our next home might have a front door that faces a different direction so we wouldn't want to have to buy a whole set of new items for it.  We are doing the best with what we currently have, with some minor exceptions.  We did buy a large, flat-screen television. We bought three bar stools, curtains, and a small area rug.  Chris bought something called a Mac Mini which he is extremely excited about and he swears will make our entertainment center less cluttered and wire free, which is pretty Feng Shui of him. Probably our most obvious purchase were the twenty one, twenty pound bags of rocks we got at Home Depot.  Why so many rocks? Bear.

Bear is what Chris likes to call a "Japanese Princess", which, among many other characteristics, means that he will not relieve himself in an area that does not comport with his comfort.  This in turn means that he would not poop or pee anywhere on the wooden patio that is our "yard".  Bear is used to living in apartments in San Antonio and Houston so he knows the difference between them and a house and I think his mind, bladder, and GI tract are now set on apartment mode.  I've always been proud of Bear's bathroom habits and am known to boast about how he's never had an accident, not even when he was a puppy, so I don't think that his adapting mindset is a detriment at all.  It just means that we had to find a way to trick him into thinking that peeing and pooping on the wooden deck was okay.  

First we tried by example:  Chris would go to the southwest corner of the patio and pee and then we would direct Bear to the same location to have him investigate in hopes that his inner desire to mark territory would consume him but, alas, no luck.  Then we tried the age old adage of "Since everyone else is doing it, it must be fine!" and had our friend's dog Masa over and whenever she would pee on the patio deck we would praise her hoping that Bear would react jealously to this praise and pee on the patio deck, too.  But, that also did not work.  We knew then that he would never do his business on the deck unless it was covered up to not look like part of the patio. This is all not to imply that we mind walking him but it does get tiresome to have to walk a dog every single time it needs to use the bathroom. We decided we were going to buy grass to install over half of the wooden deck; not regular grass that grows and needs mowing but the synthetic kind that is neon green and used in sports. We thought it would be easier to not have to buy a lawn mower for a mere square feet of land and we thought we'd clean the fake grass by hosing it off.  We were ready and excited about our new plan and we set off to Home Depot for it. 

Our plan was perfect, fool proof, and easy to do...until I looked at the synthetic grass and saw how ugly it was and knew how tacky it would look on our patio.  We were back where we had begun until Chris remembered that whenever Bear stays at my aunt Esther's house he does his business on rocks. Her house has a tiny yard and that yard is covered in small white landscaping river rocks, just as parts of our old yard were, too. We knew Bear had a history of relieving himself on those rocks so we were confident that they would work at our new place, too.  After loading about 420 pounds of rocks and sixteen red bricks into Dave's old Toyota truck we went home to design Bear's bathroom corner. When we had it looking the way we wanted we let Bear outside to investigate and within a minute he had peed on the rocks. Success! The next morning he pooped on them. Success again! As an added bonus the rainy summer weather in Miami ensures that the rocks are cleaned everyday.

Sniffing the corner, preparing for release



Coot said...

And the poop picture?!

Cooter said...

Saw these in Sky Mall!

mami said...

Congratulations on outsmarting Bear!

The rock area is bigger than I had imagined and it looks very nice, like it belongs there. Good job!

Papi said...

Can't wait to see the place!