Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sometimes it Pays to be Unemployed

If I were working right now moving would be more of a hassle than it already is.  We finally got everything out of our old house and into our new condo but nothing is organized and there is clutter everywhere, so unFeng Shui. I'm amazed at how much we had in our old place, considering how small it was.  My goal is to have our new place ready for entertaining by Thursday for a house warming/ going away party. Our friend Dia is moving back to the Bahamas after spending a year in Miami doing an internship for medical school so we want to send her off with a warm farewell.  It's always a good idea to be nice to aspiring doctors.

Bear is slowly adjusting to his new home.  When we first brought him over it took him fifteen minutes just to walk through the front door.  Now he comfortably walks around most of the first floor.  Yesterday I put some pieces of chicken jerky dog treats on the first four steps of the staircase and he ate them off the first three steps but he wouldn't eat any off the fourth one.  I don't think he'll ever make it upstairs, which we don't mind because there is carpeting upstairs and Bear sheds so much that it would make it more difficult to clean.  He will be fine staying downstairs where he (and all animals) is perfect for Feng Shui because he will move Chi - the natural, positive energy of the world - around our condo.  

Pictures to come as soon as I find the camera.  It's in one of these boxes... 

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