Friday, July 9, 2010

Feng Shui? Yes, please!

After much research and planning I now have the Bagua of our new home. Bagua is a Feng Shui term which means energy map.  The Bagau seperates the home into nine sections - the center and the eight directions surrounding the center.  Each direction corresponds to a life situation, an element, and colors.  The purpose of knowing the Bagau of your home is to create a positive balance between all the aspects of your life so that good energy is constantly flowing spiritually and physically.

The very first thing that must be done to discover the Bagua is to have a floor plan of the home.  If you don't have one you can draw one, like I did:
I drew the downstairs and the upstairs in order to take the Bagua reading of both areas.

Once you have the floor plan then you need to find the direction that your home faces.  This must be done with a compass because you need to know the actual degree and not just the cardinal direction.  Take a compass and stand facing the front door. Read the compass.  Then move a few steps to the left and read the compass, then over  to the right and read the compass, and then outside with your back to the front door and read the compass.  Take the median of the four readings and jot it down. Our condo faces south at about 175 degrees.

The coordinates
South: 157.5 - 202.5
South West: 202.5 - 247.4
West: 247.5 - 292.5
North West: 292.5 - 337.5
North: 337.5 - 22.5
North East: 22.5 - 67.5
East: 67.5 - 112.5
South East: 112.5 - 157.5

Then, find the center of your home and mark it on your floor plan:

Next, use a round protractor and align it to the compass reading of the front door.  If you don't have a round protractor then you can download and print one from online:

Make sure the center is aligned to the coordinate of the front door.  The center is in the middle of the protractor and my finger is pointing to the coordinate of our front door.  It would have been easier if the protractor were clear but with the right light I was able to line it up to the front door:

Starting with the direction of your front door, in our case south, mark the coordinates of each direction using the protractor and a highlighter:

Pardon that bling on my ring finger...ahem. After you have each coordinate marked use a ruler to connect each end through the center so that you come up with eight sections:

Label each section with the direction that matches the coordinates:

The hard work is over and you can put your engineering cap away. Now for the fun!  It's time to create the Bagua of the area (in this picture is only the first floor). In Feng Shui each direction has an element, colors, and a life meaning and they are:

South: fire; red, pink, orange, purple, yellow; fame and reputation
South West: earth; beige, light yellow, sandy, earthy; love and marriage
West: metal; white and gray; creativity and children
North West: metal; white and gray; blessings, travel, and helpful people
North: water; blue and black; career and path in life
North East: earth; beige, light yellow, sandy, earthy; spiritual growth
East: wood; brown and green; health and family
South East: wood; brown and green; money and abundance

Once the Bagua is ready it's time to plan, organize, and decorate your space. More explanations to come!


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Where does Bear fit into the whole Feng Shui thing?