Friday, July 2, 2010


Today Chris and I are heading to southern California.  We're going for a Fourth of July wedding in Malibu and Chris will be a member of a wedding party for the fourth time since I've known him.  How does that happen? I've never even been a flower girl.  Not that I really envy the extra financial responsibility and wedding party duties that go with being a groomsman or bridesmaid but I have to admit I'm a little jealous that I've never been asked. It's OK, I'll get over it in about one second....and there, over it. In other news, Bear will stay home with his cousins Jorge and Janeliz who will no doubt give him the belly rubs he deserves for being such a good boy. And yesterday I made broccoli cheese soup and it was delicious.

I'm excited about spending time with my in-law side of the family!  I predict some late night hot tub lounging, early morning surf sessions (of which I will take no part other than to sit on the beach and watch those surf sessions), feelings conversations, cocktails, lots of grazing, reading Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Feng Shui Today, and maybe even some guilt-free napping. I love vacations!

Yesterday we signed the lease for the Coconut Grove condo so it's officially ours for the next year.  As soon as we get back from Cali I'm heading over there with a compass, highlighter, pencil and paper so that I can do the Bagua reading of our new place. The Bagua divides the home into eight sections and is a feng shui tool used for  recognizing the energies and elements that encompass each area and using them to ensure that each area of the home gives off the best positive energy possible. Before assessing the Bagua I first have to draw the floor plan and then do a compass reading of our condo. Yesterday I learned from Chris that the iphone has a compass application so I will be using his phone for that job. Then I can create the Bagua! You don't need a fancy iphone compass though, any functioning dollar store compass will do. I will post the step-be-step procedure here when I'm done and hopefully someone will be inspired to find their own living space's energy. Now the headache of packing begins.