Monday, June 28, 2010

Because It's The Easiest Way

The short YouTube video below is from a series on Showtime called Californication.  The series is just OK so far, I wouldn't recommend it just yet, but entertaining enough to to keep me from doing any real work around the house.  What the show has done for me is make me think about blaaaahging, even though I know it's totally cliche.  Now that the wedding planning is over I have the time to spend writing, which is a hobby I've enjoyed intermittently since I was in elementary school.

My aspirations for this blog are many: I hope to refresh my writing skills,discipline myself into writing daily as I feel it would be good practice for my graduate education, and, most honestly, I think keeping a blog to share with family and friends is the most efficient way to keep everyone informed about Los Franich - Chris, Bear, and myself. 

We're embarking on an interesting future together and we think that everyone should know just how awesome and exciting (we think) it is!

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