Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Attempting Feng Shui

Chris and I are moving.  We are going to an area of Miami called Coconut Grove www.coconutgrove.com which we like because of its close proximity (literally walking distance) to a decent nightlife area, a great supermarket, a dog park for Bear, our gym, and several of our friends.  We are going to live in a condominium - which is very "Miami" of us.  At first I was unsure if it was the right fit for our little family because it doesn't have a yard and Bear needs a yard.  In lieu of a yard it contains a large outdoor deck/patio area where we've decided we will put some grass and make it pooptastic. It's not ideal but it will force us to take Bear to the dog park more often and he will love that.  

Since we are in the midst of new stages of our lives with the moving and the marriage I thought Feng Shui would be a way to incorporate good energy into our homes and lives and an interesting way to try my hand at designing and decorating.  I've borrowed a book called Feng Shui Today and have done some online research on this ancient Chinese tradition and have discovered a major flaw in our new condo - which we haven't even moved to yet: a spiral staircase in the middle of the house! Feng Shui is all about energy and apparently spiral staircases are conduits of chaotic energy that get trapped in the home.  Are we doomed to a life of chaos because of an inauspiciously styled staircase??  The Feng Shui experts say it will be alright and they have given me tips to creating positive flowing energy in our condo despite the spiral of chaos.  

Check back for more into our new role as Feng Shui masters and our domination of the Spiral Staircase monster! 

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mami said...

I always liked Coconut Grove... nice move, can't wait to come see you at your new place.
Do you think Bear is ever going to conquer the spiral staircase monster..?
I like your blog, keep on blawging :)